OK,so you want to get your brand out there, you want as many people subscribing to the possibility of a sale or membership, you want online recognition using one of the oldest methods of communication that has evolved autonomously to a giant industry that often times pays off, but as the question would be, pays of at what cost?
Emailing began soon after the advent of the Internet, and the all the telemarketing models were gradually integrated into the massive global network. The practice of emailing thousands of possible email addresses began just before the turn of the century, and it caused a huge reaction both in sales and a negative response, which led to the coining of the word SPAM, defined as unwanted or unsolicited content in one’s in-box. But along with that came legitimate means of achieving emailing lists through newsletter subscription, product follows and willfully supplied addresses from the millions of Internet users worldwide, leading to the beginning of legitimate means of networking and marketing though emailing technology.
The Technology behind bulk marketing emailing list
Even in light of the facts, I believe the first word that comes to your head when you see emails sent to you with a product description is SPAM, well, you may be right, but don’t get ahead of the facts. It is important to operate using legitimate means, especially when your reputation is on the line as we will see later.
Bulk emailing is a legitimate and legally sanctioned marketing strategy. It is as simple as sending an email about a product to thousands or more recipients, with the objective of getting a profitable response. The technology applied is obviously emailing systems, with a little help from companies that offer publicly availed information on demographics, shopping habits and the like. The email lists, which are availed to the client, are sorted from a list of legitimate subscribers, who were either not bothered by the idea of getting notifications or were actually interested with the possibility of new products in the market.
The good
Email marketing can be achieved with the click of a button. You send actual communication to actual users based on what they might probably like. Depending on how the email is phrased and presented, it can lead to a lot of sales.
Even if you do not have a list that can drive your sales up, there is a bulk marketing email list that can be rented or bought from establishments that legally gather them. There are also some companies that make it their business to collect emails for the purposes of marketing, and they offer comprehensive services for clients who would subscribe to them.
The lists are categorized in a way that greatly reflects different products,which would include demographic information, thereby giving the clients the opportunity to target the market segment most likely to show the greatest interest.
The Bad
It is a precarious process, and not in terms of hassle, but in the quality of the message and list provided, therefore, if you have an inaccurate list, you may end up not making a sale at all. Should the message have an intrusive appeal, it may generally not be read, rendering the process pointless.
One can even suffer the consequence of ruining a brand reputation. A few mispell words, bombarding the same user over and over again can generate negative feedback that can make the authorities clamp down on your brand.
If your email gets spammed by a majority of your targets, you can be blacklisted permanently. It is critical to follow bulk email best practice principles to avoid the blow-back. One best practice principle for bulk marketing email list is to register with know anti-Spam and security authorities to avoid permanent blacklisting.
Spoofing is a technology that is used when one wants to mask their email address to look like it belongs to a particular company. A successful bulk marketing email list campaign does not only gather a lot of sales, but a number of spectators who would wish the same success for their products, and what better way to get the same response than to mask themselves as a trusted brand. It is not something that can be wholesomely avoided, especially if the campaign was done well, because even fame has a nemesis.
To cap it off therefore:

Get a legally and fairly obtained bulk marketing email list first, don’t use auto generators and bots. It is counter productive
Do not bombard, don’t mistake persistence with belligerence
Send the right positive message about your product, do not insist on it, just present it.
Be fair, follow the global benchmark of best practice principles